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اعداد در انگلیسی - large #numbers

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How do I write large #numbers?

When we talk about a specific large number, we do not add s to the number:

200,000 = two hundred thousand NOT two hundred thousands)

10,000,000 = ten million NOT ten millions


The noun that follows is always plural:

There must have been at least three thousand students at the protest.

The government spent ten million dollars on education lost year.


We use the plural form of large numbers + “of” to give an approximate idea of how many:

There must have been thousands of students at the protest.

There were thousands of people at the Football match.


We can use a instead of one. One is more formal:

If I won a million dollars, I would probably take a year off and travel around the world.

The president promised to increase the health budget by one million dollars.


We usually use numerals for numbers that cannot be written in one or two words:

More than two million people attended last year.

2,001,967 people attended last year.


You should write fractions in words

half a million

a / one third of a million

three quarters of a million

one and a quarter million

one and three quarter million

According to the chart, in 2004 over half million Ukranians went to the cinema.

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